What is it like to work here

The following are a just a few of our colleagues who were keen to share with you their experiences and passions for service.

Harvey La’Porte

Financial Assistant

I have really enjoyed working at Bennett Hay. I have learnt so much over the past year, not just about finance but about the business in general.


Vita Zajancauskiene

Support Manager

With a degree in Hospitality and Business Management, I joined the Bennett Hay team as a café supervisor and I had a great opportunity to grow with the company.


Paul Kytra

Finance Manager

With my 5 years operational experience, gained managing a central London high street food outlet, and first class degree in Finance and Accounting, Bennett Hay was the perfect place to take my career further.


Nick Duncan

Contract manager

My passion is to deliver a great service to all clients and to make sure that every guest leaves 100% satisfied.


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