Everything we do is with the guest in mind

We look after the wellbeing of your people to help them perform at their best and feel healthy and productive whilst also pleasantly surprising your clients and visitors with thoughtful and anticipative food and service.

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Whether your staff restaurant is subsidised or commercially operated we use the same retail techniques to drive guest uptake and spend. Our restaurants offer flexible modular menu offers that can easily slot into existing client facilities. Our chef forum drives your food design bringing together some of the best chefs in the industry to continue to add to our recipe portfolio.

Our wellbeing programme identifies a day in the life of each of our guests to understand their likes and dislikes and budgets. We then adapt the menu style and communication of the offer to suit their needs supporting any specific health issues or dietary requirements.

We also pay special attention to making sure the offer is provided as efficiently and conveniently as possible within agreed budgets with mobile offers and deliver-to-desk facilities.

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