Hybrid working blends the best of both worlds

Hybrid working is the word on the street for FM’s as lockdown eases and corporate HR departments activate a fast-tracked new way of working. Whether companies make a full return, a partial return or swing to a permanent working from anywhere model is yet to be played out.

The ramifications of new office set ups and new procedures has seen new technology jettisoned into the workplace experience. Booking a day in the office by app, ordering food and drinks, booking meeting rooms online and the possibility of Covid-passports are all going to be common-place as employees return to centre.

12 months ago, technology paved the way for new ways of working and an acceptance that working remotely didn’t necessarily affect productivity and its effect will continue to be felt too when offices come back to life.  At Bennett Hay we’re seeing technology as an aggregator of workplace experience and in turn are seeing many of our traditional roles blend together: creating a hybrid of customer experience excellence.

The traditional reception role is outdated in a world of retina-recognition and tap-technology and security too is far more subtle nowadays.

What remains imperative, however, is the guest experience and making sure it’s a memorable, standout occasion for employees and visitors when they venture back to the office.

We’ve spent significant time understanding and anticipating new workflows and have moved to our own hybrid approach.  A methodology that encourages our own teams to multitask between departmental responsibilities to offer a blend of services and procedures. Examples such as reception, hosting and security services now falling under one remit mean that clients benefit from savings on headcount.

Working in this way doesn’t only save money it bolsters the welcome for employees as they return back to the office. Bringing to life the new workplace experience that marries friendly and enthusiastic faces with the technologies that keep offices safe, secure and welcoming.

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