Reception uniform styling – a subtle, but impactful approach to branding

Style over substance is always to be avoided; no one appreciates an empty promise.

Nonetheless, style that is reflective of substance is something to admire. That is what we at Bennett Hay strive for in all our endeavours, the most recent example of which is part of our guest services offering for client, Harbour Exchange.

As part of our promise to deliver a seamless experience throughout its collection of 70+ businesses and spaces, our attention to detail came into its own when considering how best to reflect the vibrant branding in the uniforms of the reception and concierge services on hand for those working in the landmark complex.

Many would have seen this as an opportunity to simply brand everything, rolling out head-to-toe uniforms that screamed, ‘WE WORK HERE!’. However, we knew this clearly wasn’t tailored to the client’s needs and opted instead for a simple flurry of branding in the form of elegant scarves.

The super-styling skills of our resident design graduate – yes Victor Morales, trained in design and previously run his uniform fashion business – were called upon to present a subtle and sophisticated solution to branding the uniform. Ultimately, we wanted to demonstrate our carefully considered approach to everything we offer along with reflecting the substance of our guest-centric ethos. Rather than throwing everything at the most obvious, visual element, attention to detail is all about ensuring every part is seamless, from the things you can see, such as uniforms, to those you can’t, such as a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the visiting experience.

The cliché of “less is more” certainly applies to the branding approach on occasion, not in terms of the level of thought given but rather in the choices made to best reach the outcome and ensure the satisfaction of colleagues and guests alike.

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