Wellbeing within the workplace key to standout in-office experience

Mental and physical wellbeing within the workplace is a topic which continually dominates headlines. With more organisations than ever before implementing plans aimed at minimising cases of inactivity and loneliness. Add in the toxic shock of lockdown and potential new ways of working and the ramifications for businesses and Facilities Management (#facman) start to hit home.

Figures released in 2018 by the Health and Safety Executive for Britain showed stress as the number one cause of long-term work-related absenteeism in the UK. Being as much a financial issue as a moral one, businesses everywhere are acknowledging and understanding the importance of wellbeing in the workforce and are creating programmes for both the traditional and new workplace.

Office2.0 re-boots the need for organisations to bring health and wellbeing to the fore as organisations address an increasingly transient workforce whose interactions from a central office may be less regular than before.

The Office2.0 new routine is bringing fresh opportunities for #facman as employee wellbeing takes its place in the core brief of managing the building & estate as well as now looking at how wellbeing can be addressed through food, spaces and design, employee benefits and company values.

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