Service specialists

When you’ve been on the receiving end of great service you remember it, but as professionals in the industry, we understand how much it can influence your opinion of an establishment. However, defining the special something that makes service provision great is considerably more difficult that it looks. We’ve nurtured our role as a specialist service provider – it has allowed us to focus our skills, expertise and innovation on delivering a bespoke service to our clients’ brand and culture.

While many workplace services have been implemented as a TFM provision, the catering and reception services industries have continued to maintain their specialism. We operate several contracts with a perfect mix of hospitality and guest services, including reception, hosting and catering, delivering a blended service, aimed at a modern workplace experience.

Service dynamics

Service is not just something that happens, but is formed from meticulous research, practice, training and years of experience. It’s often the little things that make the most impact, so we never overlook the details and strive to make our guests lives as easy as possible – we offer full flexibility in our contracts, allowing clients to choose the right financial model matched directly with the bespoke service provision they desire.

Once you’ve built a strong understanding of your client, you can anticipate their needs – knowing how they like to operate and what level of service provision they require means you can foresee their needs ahead of time and act on them efficiently. It not only makes the life of your client much easier, but also shows that you are continually representing their priorities. TFM models tend to focus on delivering commercial objectives; providing specialised services means that the interests of the client organisation are retained, with the focus being more about the brand experience.

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