Today, we continue with our ultimate guide to ‘enabling positive experiences’ in celebration of #WorldFMDay this week. Robin Hay, Owner Director at Bennett Hay, shares his thoughts on the importance of dynamic contractual relationships for enabling positive experiences.

Decoding client-service partner relationships 

A client-service partner fit

The FM industry is focused on people, so it’s no surprise that relationship building is a crucial element to the way we do business with clients. Forging and maintaining strong working relationships can make or break service providers, so it’s important that FM professionals and clients culturally fit together well.

The key thing to remember is that service partners are exactly that, partners. As such client compatibility is critical. Whilst you may desire the growth, if the client fit isn’t there, generally you don’t secure a long-term partnership.

Transformation dynamics

TUPE scenarios are a good example and often present elements of the unknown. A service provider’s ability to move into the added value phase which is sold at tender stage, is dictated by how quickly they can transform, train, redesign and transfer the team dynamic, make up and skills.

Doing this requires open communication, honesty and proactivity from the service provider.

It’s key that FM professionals ensure that the partnership with the client is joined up and is able to sustain any difficult transitions, changes and/or improvements that need to be made in the early stages.

Alignment for enabling positive experiences

Clients have shifting priorities within their own business so a successful partnership is one where the service provider continues to focus, develop and implement the added value and innovation even if the client isn’t asking for it or driving the agenda. Service providers have to take the lead on added value and innovation to demonstrate their value to the client.

Creating this sense of alignment and trust will allow both the service provider and the client to focus on their respective areas of expertise and will make for a continuous positive experience for the workplace guests.

Robin Hay, Owner Director at Bennett Hay