Valentines – the ideal backdrop to promote the culture of self-care at work

The season of romance is well and truly upon us. For many, this means bouquets of red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes, but for a growing number of us, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for a little self-care.

For those specialising in workplace management, Valentines and the overall theme of Love is the ideal backdrop to promote self-care culture through wellbeing, nutrition and mental health awareness campaigns.

So how exactly can managers and service providers, responsible for workplace experiences, ensure they are showing the love this Valentine’s Day and what initiatives can be put in place to help employees adopt the culture of self-care.

Nutritional food and drinks

Self-care encompasses a whole range of things, but when it comes to implementation, one of the best places to start is diet. A healthy mind requires a healthy body and that begins with nutritional food and drinks.

Another way to encourage self-care through food which may not be so obvious, is communal dining. We understand that due to workloads, many employees have lunch at their desks, but whenever possible, we encourage them to instead join their colleagues for a communal meal where they can switch off and socialise.

It may seem simplistic, but breaking bread with a fellow staff member can do wonders for team cohesion and solidarity. You can make this more effective by implementing specific initiatives such as a weekly meat-free day, a world food week or even just a quarterly team lunch.

Compassion, wellbeing and a sense of community

As well as the food offering, there’s a number of ways that you can ensure guests feel the love this valentines. This week, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, our reception teams have written kind thoughts which promote self-care and rolled them into hearts for guest to pick up when they enter their office. It may seem like a small touch, but to the person receiving it, it can make a world of difference and fosters an office that is focused on compassion, wellbeing and a sense of community.

Advancing wellbeing in buildings

Our very own Anthony Bennett will also be sharing his top tips for creating a more compassionate, self-care focused workplace later this month when he’ll join experts from Wellcome Collection and RIBA to discuss how we can advance wellbeing in buildings. For info and to register your interest to attend, email quoting ‘Living with Buildings’ and we’ll be in touch.

In the meantime, happy Valentine’s Day!

Claire Huish MCIPD, Colleague Services Manager at Bennett Hay