Personalised nutrition at work can help senior managers to support their lifestyle. Our dedicated nutritionist Kate Taylor is watching one busy MD’s dietary habits in time for his team GB middle distance triathlon at 50.

“My regime genuinely demands a hefty intake – hefty but not heifer!”

Andrew White stays honest this week under our nutritionist Kate Taylor’s watch about what’s going in to get back on track with personalised nutrition.

My consumption is off the scale. Literally. I ate a box of ginger oatcakes not because I wanted to, but because the ear worm got me with ‘you can eat all you want’ and I did; a box and a half, which according to MyFitnessPal is about 1,290 calories. That binge was on the way back from the supermarket. Other than that, I’ve been pretty good, a tub of Häagen-Dazs here, a packet of fruit and nuts covered in yoghurt there. In fairness, the ice cream happened after a middle-distance race where I burned 4,500 calories and an afternoon when I was genuinely hungry and stupidly chose grey food to fill me up. At least my regime genuinely demands a hefty intake – hefty but not heifer! 

I know that I should have entered the lot, but I’m genuinely embarrassed for someone to see because I am only going to be questioned if it was an inputting mistake on the system. A mistake yes – but not on the system. I’m more than aware of what needs to be done and despite some sizeable grey gluttony, I’m on the way to race weight.

Kate has been instructive and helpful as have the team at Bennett Hay who I’m sure reel at my lack of control. From a coaching perspective; the lighter you are, the quicker you go has yielded true. I posted a PB at the weekend over a middle-distance race. I’ve 6 weeks to tune my racing, 6 weeks to get lean and 6 weeks to get clean with my input. Yes, you can manipulate and cajole a figure – but put garbage in and you get garbage out.

Read on Andrew’s progress:

Will Andrew fine tune carbs vs protein for best results? We’ll report next week #personalisednutrition #workplacewellbeing