Our work on wellbeing in Landsec’s HQ helps this outstanding workplace achieve WELL CertifiedTM Silver, setting a global benchmark for healthy, sustainable office space.

We have been working closely with Landsec on its wellbeing strategy following the WELL Building Standard’s framework on nourishment . This includes ensuring no more than 30 grams of sugar per serving in the items served as breakfast, snacks or stocked in the vending machine. All snacks and offers are served in bite size portions. We also run a communications programme that provides recommended eating and drinking habits during the day, all the nutritional data is shown on each food and drink item so that employees can make informed choices.

At the foundation of our catering offering at Landsec is the ‘Restore’ nutritional programme designed to look after employee wellbeing, to help bodies deal with the impact of city dwelling. We believe the pressures of commuting, queuing, PC working, pollution and lack of daylight result in increased toxin build up in the body that often lead to stress, fatigue and lack of concentration. Our menu range is designed to provide the body with additional vitamins and minerals that break down toxins to give increased energy and wellbeing.

The café area and the collaborative working nature of the adjacent space lends itself to informal meetings, working spaces and drop in zones. The design of the space clearly influences this, however it is the healthy food offer that further encourages the movement and activity based nature of employees using the site’s main collective hub. Our healthy food offer has been designed to encourage sharing and discussion, by providing a changing menu throughout the day. ‘Keep cups’ are provided to ensure employees are able to move freely with their beverages. The seating styles also promote a sense of community and help bring people together, with food and drink becoming the main talking point. We are continuously introducing new foods and seasonal signature dishes to create change and a reason to visit the collaborative spaces around the ‘central social hub’, creating a sense of wellbeing daily.

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