Remote working, mental health and rebuilding after Covid

Health & Safety is paramount, and this includes wellbeing.

We recognise there’s a significant mental health impact on those who are working and those who have been furloughed, and we don’t underestimate the work we need to do in this area. We’re are also putting in plans for a safe workspace and working practices that comply with local legislation and takes account of the fundamentals such as how people will commute to work.

We want to capitalise on the fact that teams have developed different relationships during the lockdown.

They probably understand and respect each other’s personal circumstances far better now. We’ll focus on retaining that understanding and respect, along with an increased acceptance of flexible (and not just remote) working practices generally.

It is also important that there is no judgement of others for the individual decisions they need to make about their working arrangement as the lockdown eases. Individual employees should feel empowered to make the right decisions for them and their families.

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